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Engineering Services are available per specific job requirements. Services may include: Structural Engineering, Concrete Design, Permit Drawings, Fabrication Drawings and Shop Drawings. 

Our engineering team will evaluate projects requirements and will suggest the most optimal and economical solutions in an advisory role in collaboration with your engineers or in a comprehensive complete structural design manner.

Our Engineering Team applies the latest design technologies including state of the art design and 3D CAD software. Using 3D Modeling allows seamless integration between various structural elements will enhance structural, architectural and mechanical elements thereby expediting project execution.


Reliable and on schedule cost estimates for partial or complete structural packages are provided based on client’s drawings, and specifications or from documents created by our experienced team to suit our client’s expectations and requirements.



We provide a competitive design-build process using our systems in combination with other structural elements such as structural steel and cast-in-place concrete. Using the latest technologies with our pre-engineered and prefabricated systems we can coordinate and execute the design build process with speed and precision.


We provide reliable, accurate, and on schedule cost estimates for partial or complete structural project packages. We take your project from conceptional and architectural drawings to final site completion.

Project’s Budgets prepared by our team include all the costs associated with structural design and engineering services, structural frame required materials, fabrication, and site installations with full project management services.

One of the essential services provided by EcoStruct Building Systems is Value Engineering Packages. The value engineering provided by our team will help expedite project construction schedule, or reduce budget to provide either time savings, cost savings or both. EcoStruct Value Engineering Package assists projects developed to make informative decisions when using Cold Form Steel Prefab Systems.


Off-site prefabrication of cold–form steel, wall panels resulting in faster on-site erection, minimal on-site wastage and savings in site storage space of raw materials. It allows services such as electrical wiring, plumbing to be expediently installed.
Cold-form steel truss and roof framing members are engineered to accuracy and assembled in an indoor controlled environment. Tolerances and quality control standards are employed.


Composite flooring systems provide strong loading capacity and maximum spanning capabilities. It has high Acoustical performance and code Approved Fire Rating requirements. It offers architectural flexibility and allow easier interior design changes.

Layout and installation sequence is designed by our experienced professionals to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal waste. They are installed by highly qualified installers on site. This system is perfect for any project that requires fast track construction schedule.

Cold Formed Floor Joists Systems offers the lightweight advantage alternative to conventional concrete slab floor construction. With minimized shoring and faster installation, it offers labor and materials costs savings to the project.


Materials, equipment and skilled labor crews are provided for construction and erection to cold-form steel, panelized load bearing and non-load bearing walls, choice of floor system, cold formed roof trusses, hollow core, cast in place composite decking or composite deck board.