Why We Should Work Together on Your Next Project

EcoStruct Building Systems was formed when a team of highly experienced construction specialist established EcoStruct to become your full turn key shell construction specialist who will design, engineer and construct our cold form steel structures that can be engineered up to 10 stories.

We have teamed up and set out to offer builders, developers, architects and engineers some of the most compelling modern building solutions available today. EcoStruct has aligned ourselves with world class manufacturers of revolutionary building products to ensure they would remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Our extensive experience on every facet of EcoStruct Building Systems allows us to provide you with security that your project is managed the right way.

The variety of peace of mind we offer from estimating to construction phase allows you to have one point of contact through the entire duration of the project.

With our added value engineering services, we can offer design and assist you through the design phase of your project. This workflow reduces time and adds cost savings to you.